How to run a meeting with Distributed Team

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A recent study conducted by the Kellogg School of Management found that in a typical meeting consisting of between 6 to 8 people, three people do 70% of the talking. When you run a team, who have a combination of hub, field, remote and office-based workers, it’s even more important to address this.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Research (and experience) proves that extroverts, as well as introverts, create more ideas when we are on our own than we do when we are in a group. Presumably, as the quiet people get railroaded by the three assertive people doing 70% of the talking. So, the tip is to ask everyone to prepare thoughtfully before the meeting.
  1. To prevent any one person controlling the room and discussions, ask people for their thoughts in turn.
  1. If it’s a long meeting, put in a tea and coffee break to give everyone time to reflect and jot down a few thoughts.
  1. If it’s a shorter meeting, halt the meeting every so often and ask if anyone has any further ideas or comments.
  1. Reflectors often reflect so give them the opportunity to input any thoughts after the event.

We use Slack to capture our ideas during the meeting and any that our team has after the meeting too.

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