A ‘Change Ready’ HR Team

Gone are the days of HR playing catch-up once the business strategy has been agreed. Business Leaders of today want HR Teams who give them advice in advance of them starting to build business strategies for growth or change. A team ready for change!

Businesses want HR to anticipate talent and leadership requirements.  They want team capable of visioning future people trends and who know just how to win the hearts and minds of the workforce.

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Innovative HR

The age of the annual appraisal and staff survey is long gone and you may be ready to transform these processes to reflect the changing way that organisations are doing business.  It’s no longer relevant in 2016 because we need to give real-time feedback to staff – now, today, this week – not in 11 months time!

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We’ve recently helped 2 organisations redesign their performance management systems and we’ve got some great ideas about how you can link reward and bonus if you at least ditch the forced rankings.

HR Architecture

We have helped HR Teams to scope and shape easy to use cloud based HR models, services and tools including talent and performance management, learning, development and reward systems that have a consumer like feel.  Read out blogs on the subject to find out more.

Winning Hearts and Minds

Getting the buy in and involvement of employees is crucial for the success of your transformation. Even a change in technology will impact your culture. We know just what it takes to win the hearts and minds of your workforce when you are implementing change.

Is your HR Team ready for change?

When implementing and embedding change into your organisation then you need your Human Resources team to be equipped with the skills to support the transformation.

This may mean that before you begin transforming the business you will need to transform the HR team.

Our Brave HR Leadership Programme is well renowned for developing HR Teams that really make a difference to your business through your people – but it will not break the bank!  Read our blog for more information

BRAVE HR – The Development Programme


Winning the hearts and minds of your people is the key to successful change! Call us for a chat on 07976 509 551.

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Ruth Gawthorpe is the founder of The Change Directors.  She is an expert in HR Team Development and Change Management. She has cross sector experience and helps HR Teams get ready for transformation and business growth. Ruth is passionate about using her wisdom, lessons learned and skills to support teams to get great results quickly and smoothly.

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