Smart Business Models

Fir smarter ways of operating

Smart Business Model

Our 3 step process to a smart operating model


1.  Feasibility

Our practitioners run feasibility studies to help you determine which smart business options will work best for your organisation and what to avoid. This will include smart working options, recruitment, leadership and coaching, performance management and engagement.

2.  Pilot

The feasibility study will identify up to 3 areas of the business to carry out a smart business pilot project.  We help and guide you to tweak the pilot to arrive at the best model for your specific business

3.  Implementation

Our Lead Programme Expert will help and guide you through every step of the full implementation project from preparation, through engagement and consultation, to roll out, embedding and tracking measures.

Work happens in Brains...... not offices

Go to exceptional lengths to hire the best people

For every CEO, getting Recruitment right is crucial.

New starters must have the ability to do the job, fit the company culture and be potential high performers who will help your business achieve it’s goals.

Hiring the wrong person is a costly business.

Your company brand should be more appealing than competitors. Consider what Smart Working options you might offer.

Candidates will often choose a role with flexibility over one that has none.

Work happens in Brains – not offices

Perhaps your business needs a network of brainy, creative workers who accelerate your business!Creative workers don’t necessarily do the office 9-5 thing.

They want smart work options.   Simple changes like a flexible start and finish time will have an immediate effect on your talent pool.

Our Panel of Experts help you implement this network of brains and creativity. We use a Toolkit of proven methods and we work at pace.

We will help you to identify which smart options will work for your business and which are best to avoid.

A Smart Performance Management System

Do you have a clear line of sight between what each individual does to improve the overall performance of the business?  Our experts can help you design a system that motivates employees to do their best work!

Find an effective way to improve performance, solve problems and gain growth by designing a bespoke Smart Business Model.

We’re different!   We roll up our sleeves and work with your team so that when the project is complete we have also transferred knowledge to your people.

The Change Directors will design a Smart Business Model that offers you optimum performance. Contact us by email on or ring on 07976 509 551


About The Change Directors

Ruth Gawthorpe is the founder of The Change Directors.  She is an expert in Change Management and understands that recruitment is a strategic heavyweight especially when organisations are planning growth. She has cross sector experience and helps organisations to increase business performance and build profit through people.

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