Organisational Transformation

Every company is different, and there is no set blueprint for deciding on the design that’s right for your organisation, so we work with a simple set guiding principles to ensure your new business operating model, structure and culture that makes your new strategy successful.

Our proven methods will help you design a high performance operating and workforce model that improves productivity and leads to growth.

If your ready to uproot a few trees – we’re the team for you.

Ditch it! Bin it! Axe it!

The most effective way to solve problems

Our speed, good value and simplicity has won us a lot of new business and led to long term relationships with our clients because we quickly make a difference to your business.

Our aim is always to find the most effective way to solve problems, improve performance and gain growth.

We are a consultancy with a difference because we roll up our sleeves and work with your team so that when the project is complete we have also transferred knowledge to your people.

See our case study – A Very Successful Reward Strategy

Ruth provides objective assessment and intuitive solutions to your business problems. Contact her directly by email on or ring on 07976 509 551

Change Process - The Change Directors

About The Change Directors

Ruth Gawthorpe is the founder of The Change Directors.  She is an expert in HR, Organisational Development and Change Management. She has cross sector experience and helps organisations to increase business performance and grow. Ruth is passionate about using her wisdom, lessons learned and skills to support executive teams to get great results quickly and smoothly.

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