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You’re unique and so are we. We deliver business solutions that harness the power of your people.

Your business DNA is inimitable – our proven solutions reflect that. We know how to help you seize opportunities that give you a competitive edge and remove obstacles in the way of high performance.

Our passion for transforming organisations is legendary but we recognise the impact change will have on your workforce so we deploy proven methods to win their hearts and minds so that your change plans get great results.

Don't look at big business for the latest productivity tips. Do things differently from those who came before you. Take a look at the way we think.

Our proven methods will help you implement change and embed improvement

Change Management

Down to earth, smart working solutions that anticipate the changes in your sector and improve business performance.

Change Management

Organisational Transformation

Build smart strategy and workforces.  Gain employee acceptance for change, delight customers and grow your business!

Organisational Development

Brave HR

Our legendary Brave HR programmes are designed to get your HR Team ‘Change Ready”.

Brave HR

Culture Change

Developing the right culture is critical when planning business transformation – especially in the digital age!

Culture Change


You want a smooth transition and also a chance to overhaul and offer a better performing service that delights your client.


Staff Engagement

To drive through complex change you will want the support of your workforce.  We know just what it takes to gain it.


Acquisition & TUPE

TUPE can be a minefield. Integrating people can be even more difficult.  Get it right!

Acquisition and TUPE

Is your Recruitment Process Candidate Friendly?

The Net Promoter Score is a measure used in marketing. It is a way to measure customer satisfaction based on an answer to one simple question “How likely is it that you would recommend this company or product to a friend or colleague?”

A new HR system for 2018?

Will it be Workday, Success Factors, Peoplesoft, MHR or the new kid on the block, Traversal? It’s crucial to choose carefully. Technology is after all just a tool and will not deliver the strategic people agenda by itself.

5 Step approach to achieving Success through People

Before you plan a transformation, you may need to provide some practical support and expertise to your HR Team to ensure they achieve the success that you require. Our 5 step framework of proven methodology gives the team something to hang their hat on.

About The Change Directors

Ruth Gawthorpe is the founder of The Change Directors.  An expert in HR and OD, she has cross sector experience and knows just what it takes to win the hearts and minds of the workforce to ensure change succeeds. Ruth and her panel of experts are passionate about using proven methods, lessons learned and a broad range of business skills to support executive teams to get great results quickly and smoothly.

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