Is your Recruitment Process Candidate Friendly?

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It’s surprising how many good candidates are lost due to recruitment processes that are cumbersome, lengthy and are lacking in a consumer like experience.  Here are our top 5 recruitment measures that will help you to understand if your process is candidate friendly.

  1. Net Promoter Score 

The Net Promoter Score is a measure used in marketing – but we believe it is a way to measure candidate satisfaction based on an answer to one simple question “How likely is it that you would recommend this company or product to a friend or colleague?” Customers choose their answer from 1 to 10 and are put into specific groupings:

9-10: Promoters: Positive impact on the brand in telling others

7-8:   Passive: Neither positive or negative impact brand

1-6:   Detractors: Negative impact on the brand.

Convert this measure to a Candidate Net Promoter Score.

It’s a sort of thumbs – thumbs down measure and will give you an idea of whether you need to make changes.

If you follow the question up with why the rating was placed, this will provide understanding of what is good about the candidate journey and what aspects needs to be improved

  1. Candidate Experience Feedback

Do it the old-fashioned way.  Ask candidates that take part in the recruitment process to leave feedback to improve their personal candidate experience. This measures the relative satisfaction of candidates during or after the application process.  A simple questionnaire of 1-2 questions will give you some surprisingly rich data

  1. Measure Response Time

Quick, accurate and courteous replies provide great candidate experiences. Measure this element of the recruitment process and mechanism to improve timings.

  1. Measure Acceptance/Decline Rate

Measure how frequently your job is accepted and how many are not.  Look for the decline rate. A high rate of decline means that you are not matching roles with the right people and their preferences.

This metric gives you an easy way to measure the candidate experience and try out different ways of matching roles with candidates.

  1. Abandoned Registration

Measure how many people drop out of the process.  Is the process too long?  Is one section too onerous?

Finally, the best way to find out is to complete the process yourself!

The Change Directors can help you to improve your Candidate Process with some simple, no-nonsense ideas and cost-effective methods.  Contact rg@thechangedirectors and one of our panel of experts will be in touch.



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