5 Step approach to achieving Success through People

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A business growth strategy requires that your HR team understand how they can harness the power of your people to improve operational efficiency and better customer experience.

The HR team will need to use proven methods to support a new business strategy, sales growth targets and new operating model with a robust HR Strategy. This can be daunting for HR Teams who are inexperienced in change management.

Before you plan a transformation, you may need to provide some practical support and expertise to your HR Team to ensure they achieve the success that you require.

Our 5 step framework of proven methodology gives the team something to hang their hat on. In simple terms it looks like this:

  1. Robust HR Strategy.

A people strategy that has Executive Support delivers organisational improvement, and growth goals are required. In simple terms this:

  • Identifies strengths, weakness and gaps in the business plan.
  • Provides the people solutions to achieve the desired change.
  • Identifies the optimum workforce model.

A 360 review of the business and how the changes will impact people will pinpoint areas of major improvement areas required.

  1. Recruitment, Retention and Talent Acquisition.

A plan that ensures the right people with the right skills is in place to support organisational goals and growth, such as:

  • Implement relevant smart working options, candidate attraction, career paths and retention strategies.
  • Reward and benefits strategy which motivates change and growth.
  1. Leadership Development and Cultural Change.

The HR team and wider operational team will work together to implement Leadership and Cultural Change Programmes that supports the required improvements and growth:

  • A step change in Leadership Capability to drive improvement and growth.
  • A Development plan that ensures the necessary Leadership aptitudes are acquired and developed.
  • Performance focus that provides a clear line of sight with the business plan.
  • A growth mindset across the workforce.
  1. Systems, Policy and Procedure that drive change and growth.

The HR Team will ensure people policy and procedures align with and drive the new growth strategy and culture:

  • Focus on consistency, efficiency and business focused people based decisions.
  • HR Partners displaying a commercial and pragmatic approach.
  • A digital infrastructure with a consumer-like feel on all people transactions.
  1. Plan and Execute Change Management Programme.

Finally, the HR Team will support the execution of the Change Plan using Internal Communications throughout the changes.  These must align with the business strategy and employment law.

  • Communication which creates the desire for change.
  • Full governance of Change Programme to ensure success.
  • Guiding Leaders through the various steps of the change management process.

This simple framework can be added to and tailored to meet the unique needs of each business.

Sometimes HR can use some practical help. The Change Directors are here to support business transformation using proven business methods.

Contact Ruth for a chat about your needs on 07976 509551

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