Hiring a Smart Workforce

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The process for hiring Smart Workers, whether they are flexible, field, remote or hub workers is different to hiring office based folk.

What’s different?

We know that successful Smart workers have heightened levels of self-discipline and self-motivation.  They are masters of online communication, task orientated and results driven. Their customer service skills are second to none whatever the level of role and their values match yours.

Designing the right process; one that works from day one can be daunting, but our tried and tested methods will help you:

  1.  Revamp your candidate experience, so it attracts and works for the kind of people you want to hire.
  1.  Test candidates broadband speed to ensure they can access your systems effectively.
  1.  Implement testing tools, technology, interactions and events that match your hiring needs.
  1.  Run activities such as online video interviews, peer assessment, gamification and more.
  1.  Engage with candidates on a personal level to understand what makes them tick and whether they’ll be a cultural fit for your business.

Our proven methods enable you to put an efficient system in place quickly. No fuss! Contact us at rg@thechangedirectors.co.uk for a chat about your requirements and a copy of the basic Smart Working Toolkit.



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