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That’s just one of the many reasons why remote and flexible workers are at least 13% more productive than office workers.  A study by Stanford University on the holiday firm Ctrip found that employees who work from home are at least 13 percent more productive compared with their office colleagues.  9% of that increase was because they worked when the control group commuted.

Losing the commute for even 1 or 2 days per week can boost morale too.  A Contract of Employment with flexible options improves the work-life balance and therefore the happiness of your employees. It also shows that you trust them and often leads to improved retention, increased loyalty to the organisation and better staff engagement.

Workers commuting for only 30 minutes each way spend a massive five days of their life each year getting to and from the office but losing the commute saves more than just time.  An employee with a mere 30-minute journey will also rack up costs of circa £2k per annum on petrol, public transport, parking, and coffee.  A recent survey by Powwownow proved that 40% of workers would take flexible working over a pay rise!

Why not do a controlled trial?

Here are the most obvious things that your pilot programme can measure:

  1. The increase in productivity for your team
  2. The ability to recruit top talent
  3. The reduction in overheads
  4. The increase in employee satisfaction
  5. The impact on retention
  6. And don’t forget that all the above will also have an impact on – Customer Service.

It’s not a case of all or nothing!

Very few companies work completely remote. If a 100 percent remote work strategy isn’t right for your organisation, consider remote working once or twice a week or set up a hub so that staff can get together once each week. By having a flexible working strategy, you can make a big difference to productivity and employee morale.

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