Call yourself a Visionary Leader?

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A very sensible person once said, “The role of a strategist is to see the business not as it is – but as it can be”. Whatever your strategy, I’ll bet it involves some ‘people’ matters.

Therefore, it’s a no brainer that to ensure that your vision comes to fruition, it pays to have the advice and thoughts of a people expert on your team.

But this is not about “business partnering,” planning the consultation process or delivering the recruitment schedule!

No, no, no…

  • It’s about anticipating opportunities and looking for the looming dangers.
  • This is about asking difficult questions and delivering expert opinion even though sometimes we might agree to differ!
  • And it’s about trialling new approaches to leading People so your business achieves its goals more effciently.
  • And being involved before the Transformation Plan has been put into place – not as an afterthought!

I call it Brave HR.  Get some on your team and it will really help you create value in your operation and your market sector.

Rest assured, we won’t let you rest on your PEOPLE laurels – and you know you need that!

That’s because employees are often the biggest cost and asset to your business. So really give some thought to how you can get the best return on investment from your Employees.  Here a few killer questions for you:

  • How will you attract and retain the best people? Especially if you need digital experts!
  • How will the best people create increased sales, products or revenue?
  • Where are the strengths and weaknesses in your top team?  Do they collaborate well?
  • How will you engage staff and motivate them toward consistent high performance?
  • How will you harness the power of technology to help your people give a better customer experience?
  • How will you reflect the digital age in your Training and Development?
  • How can your HR teams, systems and tools effectively support the achievement of business goals

Call yourself a Visionary Leader and get some Brave HR!

Ruth Gawthorpe is the owner of the Change Directors. She wants to help you to transform your business through people and is renowned for developing HR Teams that will really make a difference.

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