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There is a new phenomenon sweeping through the UK called “Glassdoor” that is set to profoundly change the way that businesses manage employee satisfaction if they want to retain the competitive edge in the jobs market.

It’s a company reputation site where employees give feedback on the company; it’s culture, benefits and senior leadership.  Even the MD gets a thumbs up or thumbs down rating! 

It’s a staff version of Trip Advisor.  Staff are asked to review current and previous employers and share information with other users. It is said that in the US, where Glassdoor has taken a stronghold, almost half of the nations job candidate’s check out the site before accepting a job offer.

Is your company featured on Glassdoor?  

It’s very likely.  They create listings for any company they are aware of.  That means even if you haven’t created an account, it exists. Your employees can add reviews about what it’s like working for your company and the general public can read them.  These reviews are anonymous so you can’t identify the employee who made the original posting. 

Why is it important to manage your reputation on such sites?

Staff will get to see what it is like to work elsewhere and this may have implications for attracting and retaining staff.  Your clients will also be able to view it when they are making decisions about buying potential services or awarding contracts.  If you work in a regulated environment your regulating body will be able to review your employees feedback before audits and the like.

So, it’s important that you maximise your presence on this type of site, that you continue to attract the best talent and retain the confidence of clients and other stakeholders. 

Doing nothing isn’t a sensible option because with a bit of expertise you can develop a balanced and authentic employment trademark for your business which will give your business the edge on your jobs market competitors.  

Even the most caring businesses suffer a disgruntled employee or two so your HR team need to know how to best deal with that when it appears in your ratings.

Using our employee branding expertise we have developed an easy to implement package for some of our Clients and we have helped them build their company a robust presence.   It’s so cost effective that you can’t afford to miss out.  

Review your page on Glassdoor​ now and then give me a call to have a chat about how I can help you.

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