5 steps to successful business transformation

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The status quo is not an option in today’s digital world, and given that you and your business are facing significant change, The Change Directors have devised this 5 step process that you can follow in all types of business transformation including digital change.


If you want the competitive edge in your market, you need to stay ahead of the game.  That means you must continuously review your market place, product, strategy and, importantly, your customers’ needs.  We help you anticipate the opportunities out there and contemplate how they’ll affect your organisation.  Then we will help you build a robust case for change that gains stakeholder support.


Transforming your Business Strategy will mean your business model will change. Using a ‘design thinking’ approach to Organisational Development, we will help you to revise structures to ensure that customer experience becomes a shared purpose for leaders and employees, we will help you redefine internal processes so that your employees and managers really want to use them and build in smart/agile working practices.  And don’t forget culture – because we won’t.


Customer and employee experience are inextricably linked especially in this digital era.  While customers want to be treated individually, so do your people and you know well enough that the success of any business is down to it’s employees.  Create a compelling view for the future and gain the buy in of your people…first off those who will lead it.


Next stop, implementation.  We help you navigate any employee legislation and seize opportunities to improve your business.   We are a consultancy with a difference because we roll up our sleeves and work with your team so that when the project is complete we have also transferred knowledge to your people.


Continuous improvement and people development plays a large part in sustaining a high performance culture and your market edge. We’ll help you build an infrastructure that is an incubator for constant progress and company learning.


Central to every one of the 5 steps are culture and people.  People on the front lines know their jobs better than you do as well as what needs to improve for the customer.

We know just what it takes to win the hearts and minds of your people to shift the culture but also to get them sharing their ideas with you.  After all, it is they who will make the changes work.

The Change Directors are quietly disrupting the change management industry with their no nonsense, cost effective, results-focused approach to change.  They roll up their sleeves, transfer knowledge to your team while guiding you through the complexities of business transformation.  Call Ruth on 07976 509 551 for a chat about your plans.

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