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“HR needs to be less plonky (take itself less seriously) and be more creative to engage more people” – Adam Ferrier. 

Definition of Plonky

To plonk – to set down carelessly or heavily

Whether you agree with Adam’s sentiments or not, here are a few examples of how The Change Directors helped HR be less ‘plonky’, more innovative and involve the workforce as much as possible.

  1. A culture change programme and people strategy helped staff to get behind a digital transformation so they became a part of an exciting digital future.  The result was a move to a new way of working, new products, customer growth and employee retention
  2. A new performance management system that feeds real time feedback to the employee so that they can take responsibility for their own improvement – or celebrate and do more of the good stuff they’ receive feedback on.
  3. We recently helped an HR Team to scope and shape easy to use cloud based HR model, services and tools including talent and performance management, learning, development and reward systems that have a consumer like feel.     Employees now actually enjoy using the system………you have to admit, that’s a first
  4. Last year I helped a Business Leader in the Insurance sector who wanted her HR Team to give her advice in advance of starting to build business strategies for growth or change rather than picking up once the strategy was formed. We developed a team of ‘HR Anticipators’ who were ready in advance with solutions for issues that would face the business in the coming months. An example of their success – the team identified recruitment of digital expertise as a future problem, identified some great future talent and nailed the problem
  5. We implemented a flexible working strategy that improved productivity by 13%.

Most of all, we enjoy what we do and encourage the teams we work with to have some fun while we improve the business through it’s people.

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