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Bagging the best talent.

Flexible and Remote Working

Can your organisation benefit from flexible working?

Organisations who pioneer flexible and remote working create competitive advantage by bagging the best talent.  Research by Powwownow revealed that 70% of workers made it crystal clear that the option would make a job more attractive to them.

The gap between bold forerunners who have nailed remote working and those that are lagging behind is growing wider as more workers choose to lose the commute.  We can help you to get your organisation get ready to take attract the best people.

We have a full suite of templates, policies, procedures, tip and hints to share with you when you pilot your first flexible or remote working team

Some business benefits are obvious.  Reduced overhead, cost savings from less office space, a wider talent pool because you are not just restricted to those on your doorstep, 24/7 coverage and the like. It’s a tried and tested with contact centres, web chat and IT experts but there are other reasons to begin looking at this gem of a concept right now.

Attract the best talent!

Brainy workers are set to become the premium talent in the new world of work.  It is they that will influence the agenda for remote working.  If you don’t offer it you’ll attract second rate candidates who’ll put up with the drudgery of commuting.

Line managers are often the ones who object to remote and flexible working and this is because they don’t know how to adjust their style to manage them.  We help coach your team leaders and managers in the art of managing remote workers


91% of workers are more productive when working remotely.
 For example, Cisco has saved

  • $277m annually in productivity by allowing remote working,
  • 63% reduced absence from work using Remote Working model

We’ve recently helped a business introduce homeworking and seen productivity rise by 13.5%.  That’s almost an extra day a week

Our aim is always to find the most effective way to solve problems, improve performance and gain growth.

We are a consultancy with a difference because we roll up our sleeves and work with your team so that when the project is complete we have also transferred knowledge to your people.

Ruth provides objective assessment and intuitive solutions to your business problems. Contact her directly by email on or ring on 07976 509 551

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