Smart Workforce Workshops

Smart Workforce Workshops

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Would you like your business to gain a 13% productivity increase in early 2018?  

If your answer is yes – read on……

The Smart Workforce Model introduces range of smart working options and schedules designed to maximise performance for your unique business and enhance the quality of life of your employees at the same time.

Combinations include:

  • Office
  • Remote
  • Hub
  • Field
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Annualised Hours
  • Part-time
  • Flexible start and finish times and many more combinations.

But first, you need a Team that understands the combinations……..and the benefits that a Smart Workforce can bring to your business.

Is your team up to date?

We can help.  Our one day starter workshops are perfect for HR and Business Teams who want to unlock the full range of options available in a Smart Workforce Model. Our team of experts will share our Smart Workforce Model as well our proven analysis tools and you’ll uncover business benefits including:

  • Improved productivity
  • Wider talent pools
  • Reduced attrition
  • Reduced overheads

The Workshop is designed to kick start thinking about what will and what won’t work in your organisation and to help you build a business case that is right your for business, your customers and your people.

Contact for details of our one day starter programme for HR and Business Teams.

Use the Promo Code ‘Smart’ to receive a 20% discount on the workshop price before December 23rd.

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We help you improve performance and gain growth

Our proven methods and our panel of Smart Working experts all help your business implement the right choice of shifts and work patterns to make you business more productive and cost effective. We will help you implement your change programme at pace so that you quickly see the value of your investment.

We provide a service where we we roll up our sleeves and work with your team so that when the project is complete we have also transferred knowledge to your people.

Our panel of experts provide objective assessment of your business needs intuitive Smart Working solutions to your business problems. Contact us directly by email on or ring on 07976 509 551

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About The Change Directors

Ruth Gawthorpe is the founder of The Change Directors.  She is an expert in HR, Organisational Development and Change Management. She has cross sector experience and helps organisations to increase business performance and grow. Ruth is passionate about using her wisdom, lessons learned and skills to support executive teams to get great results quickly and smoothly.

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